About our company

It is our mission to provide our clients with superior and individual services they need and require in order to help them achieve their goals.


We cooperate with a team of professionals

Our primary clients are small and middle sized companies, ranging from one side of the scale of start-ups to the other side with multinational companies. But, here at BOGAARD CONSULTING, we also welcome and value those individual entrepreneurs, such as IT consultants, independent accountants, lawyers, auditors, tax advisors and similar professionals who are looking for cost effective and flexible solutions with a wide range of supporting services available.

The feature that distinguishes BOGAARD CONSULTING from other companies who provide similar services is our focus on the individual needs of each client and exceptional quality of the services we provide. The high level of experience and professionalism of our employees and associates, integrating business, technical and specialist expertise, guarantees a high quality on the range of services we offer. With such diverse expertise we are able to consult and guide our clients in the fields of business support, corporate, accounting and administrative matters, both locally and internationally, taking advantage of the latest approaches and a wide network of contacts and international relations.

To ensure this quality of service offered is maintained, here at BOGAARD CONSULTING we cooperate with a team of professionals with significant experience, from different backgrounds and training, highly specialized, energetic, creative and resourceful, and backed by an administrative and professional staff that contributes proactively in maintaining our client’s satisfaction with the services we provide to them.

We understand the needs of our clients and that enable us to build long term relations based on trust, credibility and reputation.